Making the Sauce Spicy

2018 is looking great!

Folks, there’s optimism, there’s hope, and there’re expectations. I’ve been thinking about these things a lot lately, because some news is triggering a bit of everything.

I took a big fat moment to feel just like this

It’s great step-making that might have had me hollering around the house like some deranged primate, and while I can’t be open about it, let’s just leave it at it’s frikken, swell, and that I’m using it as a sparking motivator to keep working at what I am, and to enjoy the process.

(I think that’s the sanest response I can muster, and it sure keeps me at it.)

Anyway, please still check back later, and I hope the first quarter of 2018 is treating everyone well!


P.S.  As of a couple months ago, I’ve started writing a new book while editing a major project, so for at least a little while that’s it for Storytime Saturday, otherwise I’m setting myself to fall behind in something.  There are only so many hours in a day!

Anyway, I’ll other updates, and as soon as my new draft is created, I’ll bring that feature back.  I’ll also keep StoryTime Saturday details available on that page, but to everyone who contributed so far, I wanted so express a big thanks. I had some really great reads!