This juncture

Hey, Storytime Saturday is taking a small hiatus, but do feel free to check out the blog’s updates.


Love that spring finally seems to be here! Sunshine and quiet seems to be turning into key-stroking productive.

What’s keeping me right now includes:



Harsh and gritty. About a man who’s life has been so tough that his mental issues are approaching clinical, debilitating, and downright frightening.  But instead of getting the second professional opinion he’d need, he’s enlisted into a global military, and placed in a situation where he has to figure out how to save his people, who they are, and why.
It’s told from different focal characters, and set in a future where eugenics breed a whole new class of people that, along with automation and AI, amplify the challenges we deal with today.

Has some elements of biopunk and technothriller. A little bit like the themes of Gattaca intersecting with the Terminator saga.  It’s ambitious and I really, really love it.

The last story’s world already transformed into more. Outline’s skeleton is already put together, and I’m almost ready to go into attack with it.

Currently Drafting:  Different, completely separate stand alone. DJ realizes that there’s a reason some things just feel right, and has to contend with a secret society that reveals way, way too much about the devil in the details.
Set in a time that’s much more today. Ends with mystery, suspense, and a revelation.

On a side-note: I’m also about 1/5th (1/6th?) through the last one, and realizing how much folks who know me won’t be able to read it cleanly.

But my protag aspires to be a successful DJ so, it’s totally different.