I almost have a whole new book’s first draft, I almost have a whole new book’s first draft, I almost have a whole new book’s first draft.


Say it with me:


I almost have a whole new book’s first draft!


I can tell I have just a few scenes left.  I’m at the point where it’s time for RESOLUTION of EVERYTHING in its plot, and I love it. If you want to know what it feels like, imagine the end of any Rocky training montage.



8/4 update: ITS DONE.

(Now I get to take a break, and then the real scary part / work begins.)



Here’re my current W.I.P.s.


Disjuncture:  Querying

Harsh and gritty. About a man who’s mental issues are approaching clinical, debilitating, and downright frightening.  This becomes extra troublesome, because he’s enlisted into a futuristic military, and has to figure out who are his people, if he can save them, and, if so, why will he?
It’s told from different focal characters, and set in a future where eugenics breed a whole new class of people.


Bahamut (working title): EDITING

Different, separate stand alone. Music composer realizes that there’s a reason some things just feel right, and has to contend with a secret society which reveals way, way too much about the devil in the details.
Set in our time, it ends with mystery, thrills, and a revelation.




There’re lots of agents, editors, publicists, and other literary professionals  who like to point out how noveling, and traditional publishing is a marathon.


To them I say, newp.

Traditional publishing takes much longer.