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Book of Weird

About: Book of Weird is an aptly named collection of YA short stories. Put out in mid-2013 (when self-publishing was relatively new) Book of Weird is a Bruce Coville inspired book of trippy and illustrated tales intended to make its reader take pause and then judge, judge, judge (just like weird does best).

From what I’m told — with stories ranging from trolling cybersex would-be’s online, to second-rate genies who’ll question anyone’s definition of beauty,  or to giant purple worms who live off of love — BOW is successful in that goal.

Book of Weird is NOT designed for readers looking for a serious sit-down. Instead, BOW is fast, it’s fun, and it’s weird. (Amazon link)


“It was just supposed to be a little recreational use but when a drug deal goes wrong, Luke and his best friend Chris find themselves needing to figure out what to do. The result, is one sordid tale set in the cultural capital of New York, which calls into question a whole different sense of ethics.” (Amazon Link)


This novella was something that came out in a single night after I grew fixated on the idea of the ethical side of a decision being the losing one.  Next thing I knew, I’d been typing from the witching hour to sunrise and knew when that last word had pixelated. I shared the first draft with a couple of friends and aside from realizing that they all finished it in a sitting (it’s not very long, but that ain’t usual) I realized too many of them asked me if it was based on true events.
I may be from Brooklyn, but nope. I took that as a good sign.

Years later, I realized Cynicism was a good transition point away from BOW, and into the writing direction pushing me into full-fledged novel territory.


What I’m working on today:

1) Science fiction novel based in a possible future Earth. (Manuscript now complete, check back for more details later)

2) Novel about a god-fearing dinosaur secret society that can explain all religion and music.