Storytime Saturday

Storytime Saturday was so much fun, and I really appreciated each and every submission!

For now I’m a little loaded with some other projects (editing a manuscript, writing another, and considering a proposal IF there’s time for that too) so that’s it for a little while. But if you’re interested in having a feature posted, check back in the middle of spring for new updates!


Storytime Saturday (and how it works) :

One of the hardest things about an aspiring writer getting their ship out the hangar is pushing their stuff into people’s attention.  Authors all know that there’s already so much out there, that if you’re following that goal, you’ve got to be aware of the futility of screaming into the void.

But the internet is not some void or vacuous abyss.  It’s often the opposite, with depths that’re full of inspiring and/or provocative gems, and I can think of few better missions than bringing those to surface.

So I’ll be posting a short story spotlight on this page once a week.  I’m going to read at least 2 shorts by a NEW, PREVIOUSLY unpublished author every day, and starting next week, I’m going to be putting a spotlight on my favorite story, every Saturday.  Then I’m going provide the tale, and a critical blurb about why it stands out.  I’m also going to be happy to include a small bio of the selected author, if they’d like.  My hope is that over time, this will help contribute an online focus towards those who are working hard towards earning it.


Who this is for:

You must NOT be traditionally published previously.

Your short story must be less than 10k words.

All genres are fine.  The more any writing provides what is technically called “the feels” the more likely I am to talk about it.


Of course not, this’s absolutely free.

Email with your tale to get featured.  It will also help if you provide an author bio, as well any social media contacts because if selected, this’ll be a chance to spread your reach. That second part however, is up to you. Please do edit well whatever you provide, because I believe in candid responses and honest appraisals.


Final note: I know lots of other short story contests do not want simultaneous submissions. If you at any point need your story removed for a good reason just like that, just email that same address and I’ll ensure your bio, as well as my response to the story are all that remain.

(Hey, I know it can be really tough out there, and I’d love to put in some good energy making things easier.)

I look forward to reading!