A love for stories is easy to reason.

The urge to listen to and be inspired by them is richly shoved into our DNA. If you think about what it takes to make that possible, it’s reasonable to end up doing cosmic calculations – our ability to create, comprehend, analyze, then feel narratives are that special.

A love for creating your own stories is less easy to reason.

Some people confuse this same drive with playing god, or being isolated in a bubble while many, many authors will also tell you, it’s very different.

To me, writing’s always been about forging the mental connection.  And the interest a reader has to a narrative’s result? Well, they’re connecting to that too.
It’s only a half-step further to see how creating that possibility is exploring and sharing a lot.

Again, when people love their connection to a story, that’s something they’ve clearly been evolved to do. It makes us more equally human.