My grandmother passed away on the 19th.  It knocked me on my butt, especially after being there in the hospital when they called TOD.

Yes, it’s incredibly personal.  Yes, it changes a lot in life, and it fell on me to do a lot for her services.

But I did. I knew she was really loved, but her service ended up being huge.

I’m getting back into gear to do my best at the right things. I know that’s what she’d have respected, what she would have wanted, and that that’s the best way to honor her.

Just, if you’re lucky enough to have a beloved elder in your life still, make them know it. I know this is obvious, but it’s one of those things that’s hard to say, or do enough.  Trust me, while people respond to grief in all sorts of different ways….major changes can really take the wind from your sails. They can always happen.

This one was and is: tough.