I Miss the Visibility of NA

There used to be a category of fiction that I’m seeing less and less of in every book world: New Adult. 

Unfortunately, New Adult doesn’t seem to have made nearly as much ground as Young Adult, so from what I understand, it’s being mashed back into the ‘Adult’ side of the reading categories. 

And what a shame, because people don’t go “Alright, I’ve turned 18, time to avoid guilty pleasures, and only explore the concept of guilt as pleasure.”

Come on, it’s pretty clear that the 18-young 20’s period of life is messed up, magical, and special.  Who wouldn’t agree that it’s extra interesting too, and full of many of the pros AND cons of being a grouchy old 40 year old?  That reading range and the subject matter it deals with will always offer lots of special fun for exactly every reason that being a new adult is special. And then some.