Query Trenches : How to Stay In It

Think of it like a game.

That’s an idea.

Hey, I’m literally not a pro (yet) but if you realize certain rules that are more likely to make you successful, such as “Proofing (again) is part of the game” or, “Pitching is part of the game” or ,”Promoting and marketing is part of the game” and if you know you want to be in the game….well…..


Then you’ll do it.


Or at least gamers will.
And I’m sure a very high portion of writers are gamers.


And, c’mon, great gamers are special people who will do a lot of things they don’t like in order to get better at said game.
And, c’mon some more, doing it right involves a lot of “out of your comfort / out of your feel-good” zone.


Anyway, after everything I’ve done while still not feeling done, that’s my tip of the week:

Think of it like a game to master, more than a matter of identity, or survival, or something else that might be too serious to succeed.
Publishing is another tough industry, but seeing it as a game to master makes the purposefulness fun, more than draining.